April 9, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Justin Heritage Foundation Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Time: April 9, 2024, at 5:00pm

Meeting Location:

Brookson Builders

805 W 1st Street

Justin, TX  76247

The regular meeting was called to order at 5:11pm and was presided over by President, Jennifer Green.

Board members in attendance:  Bailey Acosta, Glenda Garrett, Gwen St. Clair, India White, Kellie Thielemann

Board members absent:   Lea Bryant

Active members in attendance: Rich Garrett

Associate members in attendance: Courtney Pacheco

 Minutes from the previous meeting on March 12, 2024, were approved as read.

  • Consideration and Action of Agenda Items

    1.  Report presented by Jennifer Green, President.
    • Gaston House Update 
    • Special Use Permit: First hearing March 28th went well. Mayor Clark and 5 council members present, and 5 votes given on SUP.  
    • April 11th final reading presented to council.
    • Roof tarping and section of fence repaired. 
    • Clean up date tabled until final reading presented to council.
    • Special Projects Update
    • iPad:  Purchase pending by Jennifer Green.
    • Postage meter:  Research concluded that it is not cost effective. 
    • Process for election of Board of Directors
    • Nominating committee: Courtney Pacheco, Rich Garrett, Brooks White, Toni Bostick, Karen Pacheco 
    • Ice Cream Social update:  May 11
    • 3 levels of sponsorship 
    • Gift basket donations pending.

    1. Report presented by Bailey Acosta, Vice President.
      • Storage shelves:  Prices have increased.  It is now $76 for 4 shelves.  Bailey will continue to research.

    1.  Report presented by Rich Garrett.

    Tractor:  1951 Farmall tractor being donated and is aesthetically nicer than tractor we currently have.  Discussion on transport and minimal cost.

    1. Report presented by Kellie Thielemann, Marketing Director.

    Windmill: Functioning windmill in west Texas from late 40’s – 50’s for $4500.

    Motion moved by Gwen to purchase the windmill for $4500 pending SUP approval. 

    Motion carried unanimously.

    1.  Report presented by Courtney Pacheco.

    Casino Night:  October 12th

    • Deposit has been given to Lucky Spur.

  • Agenda, Date and Time of Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be held on May 14, 2024, at 5:00pm. 

    Brookson Builders 

    805 W 1st Street

    Justin, TX  76247

    The proposed agenda for the next meeting is as follows:

                ⬤  Gaston House update 


    -Clean up date

                      ⬤  Election of Board of Directors

                      ⬤  Special projects update 



                   -Storage shelving

    - Windmill

                      ⬤  Ice Cream Social update

                Casino Night update


    The meeting was adjourned at 6:23 pm by President, Jennifer Green.

    Draft minutes submitted by Bonnie McCaig.

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