January 12, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Justin Heritage Foundation Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Time: January 12, 2023, at 5:00 PM

Meeting Location:

Brookson Builders

805 W 1st Street

Justin, TX 76247

The regular meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm and was presided over by President, Jennifer Green with Bonnie McCaig as Secretary.   

Board members in attendance:  Gwen St. Clair, Glenda Garrett, Bailey Acosta, Lisa Dyer, Kelli Thielemann, Lea Bryant

Board members absent: India White, Lisa Dyer

Guests:  Molly Deussen

Minutes from the previous meeting on November 10, 2022, have been approved as read.

  • Consideration and Action of Agenda Items

    1. Report presented by Vice President, Bailey Acosta.
    • City Council approved Justin Heritage Foundation’s use of the 3 insets at Justin Community Park for approximately 272 engraved bricks.  
      • Discussed replacing existing bricks to match color if needed.
      • Determined guidelines i.e.  no profanity, no political or religious views, no gang related or criminal affiliation.
      • Bailey to inquire if 16 x 16 option.
      • 1st lot 75.  Goal 3 months starting 1/20 – 4/20.
      • Glenda Garrett will proofread the Google forms.
      • Marketing efforts – newsletter, 76247 magazine.

    Motion: Moved by Lea Bryant to approve fundraising prices of bricks as outlined below. 

    • 4 x 8 engraved brick selling for $75.
    • 8 x 8 engraved brick selling for $125
    • If an option, 16 x 16 brick selling for $500
      • One of these will be for JHF and 2 others will be available for sell.

    Motion carried unanimously.

    1. Discussion on verbiage of MOU with City of Justin on related projects.

    1. Discussion on storage units.

    1. Discussion of insurance – general liability, etc.

    1. Report presented by Membership Director, Glenda Garrett.
  • Membership drive coordination with City and new resident welcome kit. 
  • Membership newsletter pending.

  • Agenda, Date and Time of Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be held February 2, at 5 pm at:

    Brookson Builders

    805 W 1st. Street

    Justin, TX  76247

    The proposed agenda for the next meeting is as follows:

    • MOU
    • Liability insurance
    • Storage

    The meeting was adjourned at 6:46 pm by President, Jennifer Green.

    Draft minutes submitted by Bonnie McCaig.

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