June 8, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Justin Heritage Foundation Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Time: June 8, 2023, at 5:00 PM

Meeting Location:

Brookson Builders

805 W. 1st Street

Justin, TX 76247

The regular meeting was called to order at 5:06 pm and was presided over by President, Jennifer Green with Bonnie McCaig as Secretary.   

Board members in attendance:  Bailey Acosta, Gwen St. Clair, Glenda Garrett, Lisa Dyer, Lea Bryant, Kellie Thielman, India White.

Associate Members in attendance:  Rich Garrett, Courtney Pacheco, Brooks White, John Mounce, Toni Bostick, Kacy Maryott.

Minutes from the previous meeting on May 11, 2023, have been approved as read.

  1. Consideration and Action of Agenda Items

  1. Report presented by Treasurer, Lisa Dyer.
  • Discussion of June 7th financial statement. 

  1. Report presented by Vice President, Bailey Acosta.
  • Discussion on engraved brick project. 
  • Polar Engraving Purchase Order is for the City of Justin Police Department and Justin Heritage Foundation bricks.
  • Motion:  Moved by Lisa Dyer for payment of Polar Engraving PO 29831 for $328 and additional amount required for bricks purchased by June 12th, 2023.

Motion carried unanimously. 

  1. Report presented by Jennifer Green, President.
  • On July 10th , 2023 City of Justin will provide Justin Heritage Foundation the Memorandum of Understanding documents for review and consideration. 
  • The Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Gaston House and Memorandum Of Understanding with the City of Justin is on the City of Justin July 24th, 2023 council agenda.
  • Memorandum of Understanding documents will be voted on at the next Justin Heritage Foundation regular meeting, July 13, 2023. 

  1. Report presented by Builder Director, India White. 
  • Discussion on Gaston House project.
  • Discussion on the vision of Gaston House.
  • Vision board – historical education, museum in a box, movie night, celebration events, photo ops, craft fairs, wine and app parties, music, food trucks, ladies’ night, farmers market, etc.
  • Two new structural engineer reports received for review and will be uploaded into JHF shared drive.
  • Discussion of Mr. Nelson Hodges to be the historical architect on the Gaston House project.
  • PROCO Roofing will inspect Gaston house roof and provide estimate.
  • Roof replacement estimate for $23,944.96 received by McEntire Roofing.
  • Connection made with The Brownlow House as resource for windows, flooring, doors, sinks, etc.

  1. Report presented by Lea Bryant, Resource Development Director. 
  • Discussion of proceeds from Justin Fun Day event and Ice Cream Social activities.
    • Discussion of September food truck jamboree on Gaston house lawn.

  • Jennifer Green presented a capital fundraising campaign and timeline. 
  • Discussion of two special events a year.
  • Courtney Pacheco will be chair for the fall 2023 casino event.
  • Bailey Acosta will be chair for spring 2024 golf tournament.
  • Discussion of JHF Gaston House Fundraiser packet.

    1. Report presented by Glenda Garrett, Membership Director.
    • Board Of Directors membership renewals due July 2023. 
    • Jennifer Green will send invoices for payment.
    • Discussion of offering current active members to renew as active members and associate members to upgrade to active membership to foster relationship and interest, regardless of participation, until next annual meeting, May 2024.

    Motion: Moved by Gwen St. Claire to offer opportunity for active members to renew as active members and associate members to upgrade to active members, regardless of participation, until next annual meeting, May 2024. 

    Motion carried unanimously.

  • Agenda, Date and Time of Next Meeting
  • The next meeting will be held July 13, at 5 pm at:

    Brookson Builders

    805 W. 1st Street

    Justin, TX 76247

    The proposed agenda for the next meeting is as follows:

    • Vision for the Gaston House
    • Submit a visionary story about what you see the Gaston house being used for, i.e specific activities, events and what it will mean to the community.
    • Everyone provide a list of 5-10 major donors.  
    • Memorandum of Understanding documents with City of Justin.
    • Special event updates – casino, golf tournament

    The meeting was adjourned at 6:59 pm by President, Jennifer Green.

    Draft minutes submitted by Bonnie McCaig.

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