March 12, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Justin Heritage Foundation Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Time: March 12, 2024, at 5:00pm

Meeting Location:

Brookson Builders

805 W 1st Street

Justin, TX  76247

The regular meeting was called to order at 5:03pm and was presided over by President, Jennifer Green.

Board members in attendance:  Gwen St. Clair, Lea Bryant, Kelli Thielemann, Glenda Garrett

Board members absent:  Bonnie McCaig, Bailey Acosta, India White

Active members in attendance: Rich Garrett

Associate members in attendance:  John Mounce, Carla Rotmans, Toni Bostick, Tomas Mendoza, Leah  Mlynczyk

Guest:  Wade Walker

 Minutes from the previous meeting on February 13, 2024 were approved as read.

  • Consideration and Action of Agenda Items

    1.  Report presented by Jennifer Green, President.

                          ⬤  Gaston House Update 

        -Check written to Weathershield for $2,500 to fix/repair the tarp  (NOTE:  approval had been            

          given at February 13, 2024 meeting for up to $7,000.).

        -Special Use Permit Update

         .Garrison/Jones Landscape Architects schematic design discussed.  

         .Schematic design to be presented at P&Z Commission Meeting on March 19, 2024; followed 

          by Public Hearings on March 28, 2024 and final reading on April 11, 2024 before being    

          presented to Council.

                       -Need to plan date(s) in April to move saved items from Gaston house to storage and complete 

                      clean out.  Jennifer Green to reach out to members on possible dates.

                      -Jennifer Green and Barrett Green will check to see what is needed to get the one section of 

                      the fence reconnected.

                  ⬤  Ipad

                      -Approval of $330.42 to purchase Ipad given at February 13, 2024 Meeting.  Jennifer Green 

                       will order.

    1. Report presented by Leah Mlynczyk.

                           ⬤  More research needed on postage meter to determine what the mailing requirements are to 

                       be able to take advantage as a nonprofit.  Will send link to Jennifer Green.

    1. Report presented by Gwen St. Clair, Historic Director.

    ⬤  Reached out to Justin Library regarding a program for Historic Preservation Month in May.

                                     ⬤  Made contact with owner of the home that was the Church of Christ building. 

                                     ⬤  Attended the Justin Business Association Meeting; received commitments of 

       sponsorship/other for Ice Cream Social.

                                     ⬤  Working on ancestry history of Gaston Family.  Carla Rotmans to help.

                                     ⬤  Getting quotes for shadow boxes to display historical Justin items.  Rich 

                             Garrett to find link for display cases.

    1.  Report presented by Lea Bryant, Resource Development Director.

                                       ⬤  Gave update on Ice Cream Social (May 11, 2024 on the Gaston House lawn) and Casino 

                               Night (October 12, 2024 at the Lucky Spur Ranch -- NOTE:  Will make official 

                               announcement to the public at Ice Cream Social.).       


         -Next Meetings for Ice Cream Social and Casino Night Committees will be held on 

          Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 6:00pm at Brookson Builders.

                                       ⬤  Discussed need for members to keep track of volunteer time, which is an important 

                               requirement when applying for grants.  Rich Garrett will send Jennifer Green the link to a 

                               tracking program that the Fort Worth Aviation Museum uses.

                                        ⬤  Will work with Glenda Garrett on plans for JHF’s participation at Justin Fun Days (April 27, 

                               2024 at the Community Park).

    1. Report presented by Rich Garrett.

                                      ⬤  Will evaluate the condition of tractor being donated compared to the tractor we have. 

    1.  Report presented by Glenda Garrett, Membership Director.

                                       ⬤  Discussed plans for JHF’s participation in Justin Community Egg Hunt on March 30, 2024 

                               at the Community Park.  Will make posting on JHF’s Facebook Membership page for 


                                      ⬤  Can use our own lock for the storage unit vs the lock provided by JTX Storage.  Will

                              purchase a combination disc padlock (cost will come from JHF’s office supply budget.).

  • Agenda, Date and Time of Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be held on April 9, 2024 at 5:00pm. 

    Brookson Builders 

    805 W 1st Street

    Justin, TX  76247

    The proposed agenda for the next meeting is as follows:

                ⬤  Gaston House update (SUP, tarp, fence, clean-up)

                      ⬤  Process for election of Board of Directors

                      ⬤  Special projects update 



                   -Postage meter

                   -Storage shelving

                      ⬤  Ice Cream Social update

                 Casino Night update


    The meeting was adjourned at 6:03pm by President, Jennifer Green.

    Draft minutes submitted by Glenda Garrett.

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