The Story of the Gaston Family

The Story of the Gaston Family

“The Stephen L. Gaston along with his wife Emma, and their children came to Justin from Collin County in 1900. They drove to their new home on the Harrington farm from Collin County in the traditional “surrey with the fringe on top.” This farm of 714 acres was located six miles west of Justin. 

Mr. Gaston moved to Justin in 1903 so that his children could attend school. In 1906** he bought the family homeplace just west of Justin. 

In 1915 the Gaston family moved to South Texas but after 2 years they returned to Justin, where they lived on the Libbey Harmonson place for 5 year. In 1922 Steve moved his family back to the Harrington farm where he lived until his death in 1937.”  

*Grace Parr, The Justin Story

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Wow I only searched my last name meaning and I came across all this

Omid Gaston

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