The Justin Heritage Foundation

Board of Directors

Elected June 2022

President - Jennifer Green

Vice President - Bailey Acosta

Secretary - Bonnie McCaig

Treasurer- Lisa Dyer

Membership Director - Glenda Garrett

Resource Development Director - Le Ann Bryant

Historic Director - Gwen St Clair

Marketing Director - Kelli Thielemann

Builder Director - India White

Justin Heritage Foundation By Laws

  • What started as a city committee has turned into a charitable organization! The original members of the Justin Heritage foundation were a group of individuals who submitted applications to see what it would take to save the Gaston House. This beautiful early 1900's Victorian home was offered to the City Of Justin by The Preserve. 

  • Together this committee researched what it would take and they came to the conclusion that the city was missing a key part! Historical preservation, so many things in the city could have, and should have been saved and this group was willing to do something about it. 

    The committee presented their findings on April 26, 2022. It was an idea that was widely received by the council and citizens of the city. So the Justin Heritage Foundation was formed.